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CX Coaches for CX Leaders

1:1 and Small Group Coaching

Most customer experience (CX) professionals start with enthusiasm. We get that.

Many new CX pros encounter brick walls, unexpected hurdles, and stumbling blocks. We get that too.

CX Coaches supports people with new (CX) responsibilities who are 0-5 years into their roles. 

Your assigned coach will help you think through the  CX part ofyour work and gain the skills, perspective, and practice you will need to clarify your ideas and make them real!

If you are here for yourself--great. If you are here for a direct report or an entire team--wonderful. 

I love it when people start working together for their customers because they get so much out of it for themselves ;-)

Thank you for being here!

Mike Wittenstein, CX COACHES Founder, CCXP, CSP, CMC, MBA



1:1, one-on-one coaching by Mike Wittenstein of CX Coach.me

Just you and me. First, we get to know each other and frame up your goals (no charge). Then, we get to work! Our Coaches will bring as much-or as little-structure as you like. 

Small Group

small group coaching with Mike Wittenstein of CX Coach.me

Regular sessions with your team help build alignment and speed progress toward shared goals. Your Coach will put special emphasis on accountability and design thinking. 

Mixed Group

mixed group coaching and tours with Mike Wittenstein of CX Coach.me

Join a cohort of non-competing CX leaders who want to grow their skills and expand their knowledge. Field trips are often used to accelerate learning.

On-Site Workshops


Get the benefits of targeted coaching for a team or group at your choice of venue (at work or somewhere fun). Workshops are carefully designed to make progress and inform decisions.



You and a coach (and your teams) visit the front-line at your (and your competitors') businesses. You assess first-hand the service, customer experience, as well as the operations. The insights flow into journey maps and your CX strategy.



A year-long program with specific learning objectives and practical application in the workplace of what you learn. This is a bi-monthly engagement with on-site options. 

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Customer Experience (CX) is about making and keeping promises. To do this, CX leaders have to influence many parts of their organizations. While the best designs are done from the outside-in, change has to happen from the inside-out. To do that, most leaders figure out that they need to add new skills. Coaching can help you acquire and perfect them. 

About US

CX Coaching and More


Our Coaches specialize in guiding CX leaders and their teams who are 0-5 years into the CX portion of their careers. Use us as your sounding board, thinking partner, or second opinion providers.  

The focus will always be on you!

Your Success Is Our Only Focus

cx coaching success

Everything starts by getting to know you and the unique situation you are in. Expect your Coach to ask lots of insightful questions--and to listen to your answers well. The first step is to declare your Reason for Being. With clarity comes progress.

Mike Wittenstein, Founder

Mike Wittenstein, executive and cx coach

Hi, I'm Mike, seasoned CX executive, Coach, consultant, designer, and speaker. Tap into my 35k hours of experience to help you envision and reach your desired outcomes. Count on any of us to guide, support, and challenge you!


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